Immersed is pioneering the future of work in the metaverse with the most practical VR/Web3 application in existence today. Through our partnerships with Meta, Bytedance, Microsoft, HTC, and other AR/VR tech giants, our application allows users to connect their computer to their VR headset and spawn up to 5 high-resolution, low-latency screens for more screen real estate. Users can work in carefully-crafted virtual environments to eliminate distractions & increase cognitive focus. They can also collaborate with their team in VR as if they were in person. Some Immersed historical highlights include:
  • Graduated from the Techstars Chicago Accelerator program in 2017!
  • Immersed has raised $12M to date!
  • Immersed is the TOP productivity application on the highly-curated Oculus Store!
  • Immersed is the only VR app that users use 40-50hrs per week!