Previous Milestones

  • Immersed productized its prototype for solo-users
  • Immersed integrated with the Oculus Go (standalone VR)
  • 🙌 Raised a $250k Follow-On Round
  • First instances of users working full-time in VR with the Quest 1 headset
  • Immersed became available for remote collaboration
  • Facebook asked to partner with Immersed in March
  • Featured on BloombergTV​
  • Featured on BBC Click​
  • 🚀 Raised $950k Angel Round in May
  • 🚀 Raised $2M Community Round in 2 days in July
  • Launched into the Oculus Store in August
  • Renji (Founder & CEO/CTO) was selected as 2021's Forbes 30 Under 30 in December
  • 🚀 Raised $8M Community Round in 2 weeks in March
  • Featured in Time Magazine​
  • Featured in The New Yorker​
  • Dove deep into Web3 research to see if it made sense for Immersed
  • Immersed Partnered with Ready Player Me to launch cross-platform avatars​
Q1 2022
  • Began conversations with Web3 partners to put economic pillars in Immersed's metaverse
Q2 2022
  • 1st private vProperty sale
    • 145 properties sold, totaling 300 ETH (worth ~$900k at the time)
    • #1 Utility NFT on OpenSea
Q3 2022
  • Eliminated paywall for Immersed product to remove barriers to user adoption.
  • Shifting business model toward a metaverse marketplace model
  • Locked in Web3 partnerships

Future Milestones

Q4 2022
  • Featured at Meta Connect & Commercials revealing Immersed on the new Quest Pro headset.
  • Launching the first public vProperty sale
  • Upcoming announcements with Fortune 500 tech giants
  • Launching group metaverse events in Immersed
Q1 2023
  • 2nd public vProperty sale
  • ImmersedCon taking place in Austin, TX on Feb 2-5
  • A sneak peek into the developing Immersed metaverse
  • New IPs and partnerships to be announced
  • Launch new face-tracking features to create a more immersive experience
Q2 2023
  • Launching Immersed Marketplace
  • Onboarding new corporations into Immersed
  • Introduce Immersed's utility token to Immersed's metaverse economy