Build something extraordinary.
Is there any upkeep or reoccurring costs of ownership (i.e. maintenance, insurance, tax, etc)?
  • There will be a quarterly property tax associated with each owned property. The tax is paid for in Immersed's token and is dependent on property type and square footage. Properties will not be taxed until the launch of Immersed's own utility token.
Are there any time-based requirements or limits on developing or building out purchased VR property?
  • We have not as of yet implemented a time-based requirement to develop or build out the property you purchase. With that said, we want to build out a healthy and active metaverse so there will be incentives given to owners who do invest in their property over time.
For the Standard buildings, will they be outfitted with standard features like conference rooms, offices, and or lobby?
  • Every property, except for custom properties, will come with default layouts. In the case of Standard buildings will come outfitted with default layouts. The exact layouts have not been decided on yet.
Will every standard building look the same?
  • There will be several different default layouts to choose from. For additional tweaks, it is up to each owner to customize their own properties by working with certified builders. Immersed will be able to help property owners get connected to these certified builders.
Will Immersed be building out the landmarks that are on the map?
  • Public areas and landmarks will be built by Immersed.
Will the Immersed Tower/Plaza be the hub where the transport portals will be? Will users spawn there when they come from other vCities?
  • There will be general spawn sites, usually associated with public areas or landmarks.
When will the public sale be?
  • The first public sale will take place on October 20, 2022.
What format will the public sale be conducted? Auction, listed, blind bids?
  • The majority of properties will be bought through "Buy Now" listings. Properties are first come, first serve.
Can we purchase off of OpenSea now? There seem to be some vProperties available.
  • You are more than welcome to buy on OpenSea now. We can help you with that transaction immediately if you email [email protected]
How do we get invited to ImmersedCon?
  • All property owners will be invited and encouraged to attend the conference in order to learn more about building a business in the metaverse. This conference will also be available to prospective vProperty owners if they purchase a ticket.