Metaverse Personas

Build something extraordinary.
Immersed is broken down into four metaverse persona types. Each acts as a core stakeholder in this metaverse:
  • Citizens: Users who are active in Immersed but don't necessarily own property in the world. These users can work, connect, and earn. Citizens can rent from property owners or work in Immersed built public spaces. Some "Power Citizens" will be able to work their way into ownership.
  • Property Owners: Users who have purchased vProperty via primary or secondary sales. These users have ownership rights and responsibilities associated with their property.
  • Builders: Professionals who are contracted by property owners to build out their lots or customize their vProperty. Examples include companies like Sandstorm & Landvault, as well as individual designers and architects that can be contracted out.
  • Business Owners: Businesses that are developed in Immersed by property owners. Post-property sale, all Immersed businesses will be started by property owners.