Mint Details

Build something extraordinary.
As mentioned earlier Immersed will be built in waves and will scale in proportion to settlements. We'll introduce new cities based on user demand. All cities will be programmatically capped to a specific amount. The first city we're launching is vManhattan, which will be capped at 10,000 properties.
Details of our initial mint are as follows:
Date: 10/20/22
Quantity: 405 properties are available in Stage 1
Sign-Up: Pre-register to Mint via our Premint page​
Price: Immersed properties come in two types: Premium & Basic properties. These types are differentiated by the service fee associated with transactions executed on the property.
  • Basic (10% service fee per transaction; 2 default environments to choose from)
    • Custom Property - 0.825 ETH (100 available)
    • Standard Building - 0.825 ETH (20 available)
    • Mid-Rise Building - 1.65 ETH (20 available)
  • Premium (5% service fee per transaction; 5 default environments to choose from)
    • Custom Property - 1.65 ETH (100 available)
    • Standard Building - 1.65 ETH (100 available)
    • Mid-Rise Building - 3.3 ETH (40 available)
    • Skyscraper - 5 ETH (15 available)
Service Fees: These are fees associated with transactions done on properties. These fees are paid to the Immersed platform to help service and upgrade the platform. We want to model out an example of how these fees will work.
  • Ex: If someone purchases a digital suit on your property for $100, you'd pocket either $90 on a basic property or $95 on a premium property.

Rewards for Being First

  • First come, first serve. Be the first to settle vManhattan and pick your favorite property.
  • As Immersed launches a token, all property owners will be awarded tokens based on how long they hold their property. The more time passes, the more token owners earn in the airdrop.