Virtual Property (vProperty)

Build something extraordinary.

What is Virtual Property?

Virtual Property (vProperty) is a digital piece of real estate, limited in supply and verified on the blockchain, which makes up the Immersed virtual cities. The first city we’re releasing is virtual New York City: The Manhattan Collection, which consists of 10,000 properties and is modeled after the island of Manhattan in NYC. Once a property is purchased, the owner can construct a 3D space in the Immersed virtual world. More information on how to create a 3D space will come shortly.
Use Cases include the following:
  • Design and build your own custom VR office or a company office
  • Host virtual events & experiences on your vProperty, such as,
    • classes
    • lectures
    • boot camps
    • professional networking events
    • conferences
  • Host virtual entertainment events such as
    • galleries/art displays
    • virtual podcast
    • stand-up comedy shows
    • concerts
    • happy hours
    • celebrity/influencer meet-ups
  • Develop and manage virtual real estate
    • be a property owner
    • be a property manager
    • develop your own property
Though photorealism isn’t available today, this technology is already being built & is much further a long than the general public knows about.
See Immersed's vProperty map at (grayed-out lots are already sold).

Property Types

Immersed properties come in two types, Premium & Standard properties. These types are differentiated by the service fee associated with transactions executed on the property.
Premium Properties
  • Assessed a 5% service fee per transaction.
  • Your Building is Procedurally Generated based on how YOU the buyer arranges the Fractional Units into your Plot using the “rule-based tool” to form the base shape and height of the building
  • The appearance of the exterior building is chosen by YOU the property owner
  • Property owner selects One of our Premium Modular Building Sets
  • Premium Modular Building Sets contain more base parts and will be of a more ornate construction Downloadable Template for the Modular Building Kit used for the construction of your building exterior - For Modification Grants one free submission to submit Your Modular Building Kit into our system
  • Your default building Interiors are procedurally generated for you
  • You will be able to select from a set of premium style enhancements and not included in the basic
  • You are provided the premium office furniture sets in addition to the standard allowing for more style choices when customizing your spaces
  • Once the SDK is provided, you can customize your interiors anytime
Basic Properties
  • Assessed a 10% service fee per transaction.
  • Your Building Exterior is Procedurally Generated, from Modular Building Sets, based on the arrangement of Fractional Units in your Plot.
  • The default appearance of the exterior building is chosen for you. This will be selected by Immersed from our Modular Building Sets
  • Your Default Building Interiors are procedurally generated for you
  • You are provided standard office furniture sets and everything you will need to customize your office spaces
  • Once the SDK is provided, you can customize your interior
Each non-custom unit is 4m x 4m x 4m. Units can add up to be an office or mixed use space. Each building can have multiple offices, venues, or retail spaces
vProperty comes in 4 different forms:
  • Custom Property (20% of supply) - A raw, empty lot for users to build custom properties & experiences on. Custom properties can be built to up to 49 floors (the maximum height of a mid-rise building).
    • 256 - fractional units
  • Standard Building (44% of supply) - A pre-built building designed by Immersed that can be 1–14 floors in height.
    • 256 - fractional units
  • Mid-Rise Building (35% of supply) -A pre-built building designed by Immersed that can be 15–49 floors tall in height.
    • 1024 - fractional units
  • Skyscraper (1% of supply) - The rarest pre-built building type, designed by Immersed, in all of vManhattan. Skyscrapers can be built up to 100 floors high. There will be a further breakdown of uniqueness in the 100 skyscrapers that exist in vManhattan.
    • 4096 - fractional units
Custom Space Technical Guidelines